About YeastRing

YeastRing name comes from the history of yeast. From the fact that people have stored the yeast strains in these wooden rings. The living organism, yeast have lived within families, farmhouses for hundreds of years. Yeast is earliest domesticated living organisms, maybe the yeast with wheat, domesticated the human, who knows. The yeast as an individual organism was identified in the late 1860’s. But we have about 12000 years history together with the creature.

Yeast Ring image from here: Google image search


So human have had knowledge of how to make beer or bake bread even though they did not know that yeast was the reason why for example the dough rises. This must be the reason why there are many stories about this mysterious ingredient. In the Finnish mythology there is a story that the secret ingredient was from predators drool. For example in the 20. poem of Kalevala (The Finnish Mythology book) they say that one ingredient for the beer comes from a drool of fighting bears.

YeastRing future co-operation

This is preliminary list of partners.

-VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

-Craft Labs, Göteborg, Sweden

-Aalto University, Biofilia Lab


-Suomen Hiiva

-The Martha Organization


-Baker´s with wild yeasts: for example Herkkusuu-blog

Why YeastRing?

This is going to be a platform for any project with the main character as yeast. Projects are categorized as art, product or science -project but also mix of these are possible.

Only requirement is that the project is  yeast based. In the main role may be any kind of yeasts. For example: baking-, brewer's -, laboratory yeasts or like Candida albicans. Also it can be about hybrid species where yeast is involved, for example lichens. The relationship with yeast has to be obvious.

This platforms aim is to:

  1. To connect different yeast-projects together in the platform, worldwide.
  2. To make research projects approachable and easily accessible in understandable way for everybody
  3. To make a yeast related network of different skills and to look for collaborators for workshops, events and exhibitions
  4. Aim is to promote the yeast related projects.

YeastRing is evolving project.