Human faces, not portraits

I have been using human face on the yeast images from the beginning of the project. Main reason why is that the faces have endless possibilities to form a yeast image/yeastograms. The variation of results are wide.

It is exiting moment when I take the plates out from the UV-lights. Never know how the results look like. Of course I am trying to understand the reasons more and more over time but I have learned not to expect too much. Many times the most interesting stage is when some creatures start to grow on the plate and when this happens the image disappears quite fast. Results can vary with different yeast species, the agar plates recipe, time of the year, temperatures, humidity, etc. I am still trying to find the biggest reasons why something happens. With something I mean different outcomes like different growth of the yeast on the plate. Of course also how the picture forms and lives on the plate. Sometimes the image just vanishes, usually whit warm temperatures.

They are just human.

The faces in my yeast images has been people who I photographed and made into raster images. In resent times I have been using portrait photographs from about 100 years ago. In the picture above are first set of old photographs. These sometimes faded, scratched and small faces can form perfect yeast images. These long gone people are woke up and brought to life ones again. Also when working with dead unknown people, I do not have any responsibles towards them. Also the fact that the yeast and other creatures are the heros of these images. Maybe these are the portraits of a species that will come endangered or even extinct in the future if the same behaviour continues. I do not know who these people are or what they have done with their lives. I would like to keep it that way. They are just human.