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Near future plan:

In the near future wild yeasts are going to be isolated from different ecosystems from my neighborhoods and wild yeasts are grown in a home laboratory. Eventually yeastograms are made with these wild yeasts.

Also I am trying to grow different habitats for yeastograms, on our balcony, mainly different mosses.
Yeastograms have been visiting the habitat. They are not living in the environment yet. First, I am trying to keep, the moss and other creatures alive.

For future project the partners should have connection, experience or interest working with wild yeasts. For example home baker´s or beer maker´s with their knolwdge of using wild yeasts. Project is open to different ideas and collaboration possibilities.
Yeastring is a spokesman for yeasts, specializing in wild strains. And not to forget to share knowledge regarding the planet’s biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainable use of biodiversity.