Now in SGD – 2.6.2019

Living Images, Yeastograms are part of the current OPEN LABS -exhibition in Science Gallery Dublin. I would like to see how they are but had to come back to Finland. The yeastograms are in sealed plexiglass cubes. Now molds and other creatures (bacteria, yeasts etc.) will grow on them. This is inevitable in their existence. This growth is also the beauty of them. I hope they would stay without mold for a couple of weeks. Other creatures mainly molds but others too will overgrow on the yeastograms. It is kind of sad that the image is gone so fast but also a fact of life that nothing stays the same, continuous change is happening. Over time yeastograms turn into mold plates.

This is how I left them:

I would have like to do this call for assistance:

I would like to get snapshots of yeastograms. So if in Dublin, go to see the show and take a photo of the living images in the cubes. Then tag it with #yeastogramsdublin or send it to me via email:

I would like to see the growth process of the yeastograms. Lot has already happen in a week but there are still time.